Assembling a Mosaic—

A Vision for the Portland Green Loop

2016-2017—Competition, 1st Place, and Exhibition
Hosted by Design Week Portland and Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

As Untitled Studio, in collaboration with Emi Day (outreach), Dune Donnelly (fabrication and industrial designer), Brian Walbergh (graphic designer), Kyle Wallace (film), and others

Photographs by Untitled Studio, Ian Whitmore, and the Portland Workforce Alliance

In 2017, Design Week Portland Headquarters (DWPHQ) and Untitled Studio helped to bring to life a design concept for the Green Loop, a new linear park and bike promenade linking the city’s east and west sides. Reimagining the design process as a public celebration, the team, in close coordination with city bureaus, hosted a week long exhibition that invited the community to come together to learn, react, discuss, and further envision the project’s potential. Intended to help define the identity and character of the project, the exhibition provided opportunities to experience and engage with the concept through creative programming, a streetscape prototype, and large-scale interactive map. It also unveiled a process for designing the Green Loop through community-led engagement, The Portland Mosaic - an urban process whereby Portlanders define the character and identity of the project in a way that reflects their individual needs and aspirations for the future. It is a framework to be filled through collaborative efforts - a massive mosaic which every Portland resident has a tile.
The exhibition marked the end of a year of listening, debating and dreaming of how we can promote a bold future for our city that is attractive, inclusive, and uniquely collaborative. We encourage you to help us imagine this project's immense potential. The conversations we have had with people, the high quality of dialogue and engagement during panel discussions, and the excitement that filled the week has left us feeling humbled and impressed by our curious and thoughtful fellow Portlanders. We can't wait to see what's next.

To cap the event, design concept, and year long design process, we have put together a report that explains what we heard during the exhibition and would encourage you to read our recap.