Untitled Studio is a collective of designers currently spread across the United States. We get excited about questioning our environment and finding projects that allow us to explore those questions as built work. The studio is always looking for other people who have questions to collaborate with. The people currently involved are Courtney Ferris, Hiroshi Kaneko and William Smith.

We chose the name untitled to keep focus on our client communities and their projects. This is an effort that many people have brought to life, so far including: Brian Walbergh (Graphic Design), Adam Segal (Storytelling), Kyle Wallace (Film), Dune Donnelly (Industrial Design), Emi Day (Interface Design), Jasmine Karcey (Film), Grace Moen (Event Planning), and Dustin Locke (Fabrication).

This website is an archive of some of our past and ongoing questions, and proposals to those questions. If you would like to ponder with us or have any questions, please contact us at reach.untitled@gmail.com.